Blogging Models

There are three blogging models generally used with students. This is how I used a blog with my own classes.

Comment Blog
A Look At Bullying (This (dormant) blog is outstanding!)
Mrs. Martin's Blog
Mrs. Ubell, Grade One, Moose Jaw, Canada
Mrs. Fargo's First Grade

Group Blog
Mr. Sloan's Year Two Class, Manchester, UK
Room 4, Nelson, New Zealand
Pre-Cal 30S (Winter 2012) - Jocelyn Chartier, Grade 11, Winnipeg, Canada
Pre-Cal 40S (Winter 2008) - Darren Kuropatwa, Grade 12, Winnipeg, Canada

Mother Blog
Kinderkids - Maria Knee, Kindergarden, New Hampshire, USA
Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog - Kathy Cassidy, Grade 1, Moose Jaw, Canada
Idea Hive - Clarence Fisher, Grade 7/8, Snow Lake, Canada
Sargent Park Mathzone - Chris Harbeck, Grade 8, Winnipeg, Canada
Cre8tive Havoc - Tara Mclaughlin, Grade 12, Winnipeg, Canada

Some say there's a fourth type:

Blogging About Your Class or Blogging For Your Students (I think of this as a group blog for Early Years students.)
Mrs. Toa - Shanghai, China
Little Scholars - Aukland, New Zealand
First Grade Fun - Grade 1, Robinson, IL USA
200 Awesome Days - Erin Malkoske Grade 1/2, Winnipeg, Canada

Blogging Guidelines
Mr. Salsich's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs Kathleen Morris and Miss Kelly Jordan Grade 4 class

Darren's Digital Ethics Post