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How does blogging support

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How does blogging support

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How does blogging encourage

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How does blogging help develop

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How does blogging help develop

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- yes, it keeps us connected by allowing our thoughts to be available to anyone who may want to read them.

- On so many levels!!

- yes - parents and teachers- so many parents do not know what is going on in the classroom - this promotes the communication

- Yes it does! It give you a vehicle to share ideas with your students, fellow teachers, and the word!

- Students can share their ideas without standing out in class. The quiet, shy student can still participate in a way that is comfortable for them.

- Blogging facilitates multi-modal representation of learning by students
- the sharing of ideas with people around the world and becoming an active global citizen

- It's all about communication! That's how you blog!

- Students communicate with many people on different levels, me, the world, other students, other teachers, etc... The possibilities are endless.

- Blogging is a mode of communication and as you kind of have a captive audience of students, you can ensure that they are logging in and receiving your communications and (possibly) communicating back.

-yes, sharing ideas so that everyone on the internet can see

- everyone's working together to make a blog interesting for one another. If it's not interesting, who will read it?

- Blogging would facilitate collaboration challenges such as: difficulty coordinating meeting times, record keeping, etc

- Yes! - a perfect example is how the teachers are working together at this moment - discussing/questioning/concerns/ aha moments - this will be the same things with the students as they are working their way through the learning process of using the blog

- Yes it does! You can share your ideas and work between students, between classes, and between schools!

- Students have access to everyone's thoughts. The opportunity to see what someone else is thinking and then add to those thoughts.

- Sharing with all! Blogging permits and encourages collaboration. Love that! No more closed doors and stand and deliver teaching!

- working together for a common goal

- Absolutely!

- Blogging is a collaboration as a class to record what has happened in the class. It's a transcript of the year.

- It absolutely does. We saw multiple examples of how students can share their own opinions via blogging.

-yes, teachers and students

-Teachers sharing with teachers

-teachers working with other teachers
students working with other students

- You have to be creative to get a bigger audience, which you would want if you're posting your thoughts like this.

- Great way to bounce ideas off others, to get inspired by things others are doing and work together to create something together.

- Yes - of course! Look at all the teachers discussing how and why they would use this

- Yes it does! Blogging can be used in conjunction with many different forms of media, and can be used as an outlet to a larger audience.

- "ties into collaboration. getting ideas from someone else and then building on that idea and making it their own.

- Innovative thinking!! What did you learn today? Again - multi-modal representation - perfectly, universally designed for everyone!

- allows the sharing of ideas and the ability to see that other's may share your same thoughts

- For Sure!

- Students are allowed to play with ideas and express things in new ways. Speak in their own words... develop a personalized "textbook" for the outcomes.

- Since students can share original opinions via blogging, I would say that it does support creativity, although the quality of those thoughts remains to be seen ;).

-yes! There are so many options for blogs!

-Students can show what they have learned in so many ways

- You are communicating with people on a global basis. You're using technology.

- My brain hurts after today! In a good way! Does that count? Yes - constant new ideas are always flooding as the students will be

- Yes it does! Blogs can be viewed and debated/analyzed, and discussed as a class.

- reading different points of view and deciding which of those they agree with or not. Also having to justify - Why?

- thinking about thinking - metacognition. We think, reflect(think again), share and then reflect again! We respond to our thinking by reading about it on a blog.

- students are able to take a variety of forms of information and synthesize them into one succinct idea

- I think so. People need to realize that they are often reading very subjective information on blogs.

- Allows students to dig deeper into the information by continuing the "off topic" conversations and things that they want to explore and know more about that aren't necessarily in the curriculum.

- As you create thought provoking blog posts and watch students comment and interact you can see the thinking process in action. Since it is an interactive media teachers can guide the students into deeper and deeper thinking on topics.

-yes, students have to think about what they have learned and how they learned it

- It makes you aware of who you are as a person and hopefully who you want to be. It allows you to see yourself amongst others and present yourself to others.

- Very easy way to connect locally and globally!

- Of course - they not only learn about our class/school community but are learning about students around the world

- Yes it does! The comment section of a blog requires students (and the public in general) to be good digital citizens and practice responsible use.

- exposing students to other points of view and thoughts. Once they are writing their own, they will explore others and expand their world. Learning through other's experiences will help them with dos and don'ts. Helping them form their own opinions.

- Promotes self motivated learning and being proud of what we can create via blogs

- students become active, informed global citizens

- Yes! People need to take others' values into consideration and be sensitive to what they comment.

- Allows students to be ambassadors for the school, city, province, country in the math community and to show the world how they want to contribute to global learning on the topics being studied in class.

- Since students create publicly visible posts that can be commented on by others, ideas of citizenship are inherent. You have to be able to communicate in a socially acceptable way or risk being ostracized or chastised by the rational thinkers. Slowly your world view will widen as you interact with the masses.

-yes, sharing ideas, working together, respecting and recognizing other people's work

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